Cambridge B2 First Grammar Practice – Part 2

In my earlier written article, B2 First Grammar Checklist, you can find all the grammar contents our learners must be familiar with. In the last week entry, Cambridge B2 First Grammar Practice, I have highlighted the importance of identifying grammar mistakes and correcting them in the context of the Cambridge B2 First examination. Let’s point out, once again, in which parts of the exam, doing so is a must.

  1. Writing paper: candidates must proofread their two written works.
  2. Reading and Use of English paper, part 4: candidates must paraphrase the given sentences by showing a very good grammar control.
  3. Speaking paper: candidates must speak correctly. If a grammar mistake or slip has been made while speaking, I highly recommend they correct themselves. You won’t believe how favourable this is!

Today’s follow-up challenges English B2 candidates on ten additional grammar points. In case you still haven’t accessed Part 1, feel free and find out more details about how to play this Jeopardy like game here: Cambridge B2 First Grammar Practice

B2 First Identify the mistake

B2 Ultimate Grammar Game

Part 2


To recognize a well grammatically-built sentence, to identify grammar mistakes and collect as much money as possible on the way.


A. Challenge

B. Adverbs

C. Articles

D. Conditionals: third and mixed

E. Future tenses

F. Infinitive and verb “ING”

G. Prepositions following verbs and adjectives

H. Prepositions of place

I. Reported speech

J. Reporting verbs

Players: Teams of 2-4 students, or individually. In case players have no game buddy, provide each one with a playfield.


  • A playfield for each team 
  • A copy of A-J grammar tables (shared by the teams) 
  • A copy of the ANSWERS for the teacher 
Update: There is a DOUBLE on the playfield, besides CHARITY and BANKRUPT. It means that once the team gives the right answer and gets the given amount of money, the team double their total sum. 

Below you can find all the material you need. Just download and start the game. I will soon post the last part.

Note: Most of the mistakes players will come across while playing are those that our learners often make. So, I’ve decided to deliberately include them and see how fast English learners spot such mistakes.

Playfield for players

Grammar table of contents

Common playfield with answers

To say that there is no room for error in the Cambridge B2 First examination would be too much. As English teachers, we must remind our learners that they should do their best, by keeping an open mind, reasoning out the answers, analysing the context grammatically, and only then coming up with the solution. There is always a grammar rule to follow, so let’s teach them to do so. As a last resort, when little time left, tell them to have a sound check of a given structure, just to hear it out in their mind. And last but not least, remind them not to freeze over a given question. Ask them to read, reason, recall, write and move on. If an answer is not possible to come up with at a certain point, they must move on, but remember to get back to it later. 

In some weeks, we will see our dearest learners sit the B2 First mock exam. So proud of them! They are our champions. Our work as teachers is one of the most rewarding professions, it is!

Stay tuned for more words of advice and handy material!

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