Say It Better! Series. B2 First Season. Episode 2

Holidays and fiestas

All my best season wishes for you and your dearest family! I hope you have got a wonderful time surrounded by your beloved ones.

How are you doing? How are you celebrating the winter holidays? 

Here are some keywords to use while answering the above question:

Be tickled pink, delighted, (not) misbehave ;), be as good as gold, keep in touch, break a bad habit, make a difference, immediate family.

Do they ring a bell to you? They have all been taken from our first episode, belonging to the B2 First Season. 

If you ask me, I’ve sung carols and danced while decorating my house and wrapping presents, and I was tickled pink when my immediate family opened their treats from under the Christmas tree. I was delighted to see mine –  a book I’ve been anxiously looking forward to. I hope I do deserve it, since I did my best not to misbehave this 2021. Not that I’ve been as good as gold, but I’ve tried. Of course there are still some bad habits to break, but step by step. First things first, like keeping much more in touch with family and friends, and keeping up making a difference and helping my students to successfully prepare for the Cambridge qualifications they have set their sights and hearts on. 

Are you ready for a new episode? Here we go!

Say It Better! Series
B2 First Season
Episode 2
Topic vocabulary

Translate and/or write the definition. Make sure while looking them up in the dictionary, you look for the episode-related meaning. The multitude of meanings of one single English word is beautifully surprising, don’t you think so?


  • Breathtaking
  • Delightful
  • Forthcoming
  • Fun-packed
  • Idyllic
  • Picturesque
  • Worthwhile

Phrases, collocations & idioms:

  • (Be out for) a night on the town
  • Be stuck in sb’s memory
  • Draw the attention of
  • Hustle and bustle
  • Let your hair down
  • Over the moon
  • Party to/in the small hours
  • Take part in
  • Take by surprise
  • Take place (in)
  • Up for (doing) sth

(Phrasal) verbs:

  • Attend
  • Celebrate
  • Gather round
  • Get away
  • Get together
  • Date back (to)
  • Dress up
  • Hold an event
  • Let off
  • Light up
  • Marvel (at)
  • Miss out (on all the fun)
  • Symbolize
  • Take aback


  • Arrangement
  • Afterparty
  • (Watch in) amusement
  • Culture shock
  • Firework display
  • Feast
  • Masked ball
  • The festive season
  • Thrill
  • Wassailer
Word formation

Download the PDF and complete the table with the missing words. 










Speaking paper

Step One: Read the questions. Make changes to the answers provided. Use the TOPIC language.

Step Two: Write your own answer. Use the TOPIC language.

Step Three (optional): Record yourself while answering the questions. Send your answers to your English teacher for assessment and feedback.

Part 1

Question: “What’s the most interesting tradition or festival from your country or town?”

Answer: “There are a lot of local festivals worth mentioning. But the one that is unique in its kind is the carnival that is organized the week before the Easter Day. A lot of people come to see it during this week. There are so many processions during these days and all, adults and children can participate. To name a few, there is a candy fight, a parade of costumes, traditional dances organized in the evening, a show in which the air is full of fireworks, during which families and friends meet to admire them and stay up until dawn, and many more.”

Part 4

Question: “It is said that we can learn a lot about life in different countries by studying their traditions, such as special events, like festivals. Do you agree?”

Answer: “I totally agree with this. Let’s take for example the special traditional clothes people put on at such events. By looking at them, we can learn about how the local inhabitants used to dress in the past and what materials, like cotton or leather, are available in their country. Then, there are the traditional food stalls which are there for those who come to see the festival. All these dishes show a lot about a country’s agriculture and people’s eating habits. Finally, we must consider the local music and all the dances which are organized by the town committee during such special events. They are all a mirror into the country’s customs and habits.”

Reading and Use of English quiz

Part 1

Decide which answer best fits the gap.

The festival has become a harmonious celebration and everyone who … in this remarkable event wears a bright traditional costume.

a. attends

b. assists

c. joins

d. gathers

Part 2

Think of the words which fit the gap.

It’s … joining in with this traditional Spanish celebration which … held in March. The costumes that the parade goers wear are amazing since everyone tries to impress the judges with their outfit. 

Part 3

Use the word given in CAPITALS to form a word that fits the gap.

This unusual event is held … by the townspeople and visitors. ANNUAL

Part 4

Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence, using the word given. Do not change the word. You must use between three and five words.

We know that the carnival started more than two thousand years ago.


The carnival ________________ more than two thousand years ago.

Part 1 joins

Part 2: WORTH, IS



Topic word cloud

The word clouds are a priceless learning tool. Make sure they are there for you, within easy eye-reach, in your cosy study corner. Check the one below. It’s got all the HOLIDAYS & FIESTAS above-mentioned topic vocabulary.

Now that you’ve worked with today’s topic vocabulary, without looking at the list above, write down, in around 4 minutes, as many words and expressions related to the theme of Holidays & Fiestas as you can remember. Once you’ve done it, check which ones have been left out. Why don’t you copy them! Remember the proverb?

Qui scribit, bis legit!

Stay tuned for more words of advice and handy material!

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