Common Mistakes in the Speaking paper

Speaking B2 First exam

For the Cambridge candidates, doing well in the B2 First Speaking paper is not rocket science. This means that you can easily get Grade C in the B2 First exam. On the Cambridge English scale, Grade C weighs between 160 and 170 marks.  Imagine getting Grade B or A! What a difference this would make … Read more

Use of English in Reverse

Reading and Use of English

Understand a range of texts. Show your grammar and vocabulary control. Produce written pieces. Follow and understand a range of familiar spoken materials. Produce spontaneous spoken language.  These are the five main assessment purposes of the Cambridge B2 First exam in its four exam papers. Hold on, how come there are five general assessment criteria … Read more

Cambridge B2 First Grammar Practice – Part 2

Grammar practice

In my earlier written article, B2 First Grammar Checklist, you can find all the grammar contents our learners must be familiar with. In the last week entry, Cambridge B2 First Grammar Practice, I have highlighted the importance of identifying grammar mistakes and correcting them in the context of the Cambridge B2 First examination. Let’s point … Read more

Cambridge B2 First Grammar Practice

Grammar practice

The countdown to the summer official Cambridge examinations has already begun. B2 First exam candidates must have covered by now all the grammar structures necessary to know at this level. Now, these structures are put into practice, and most of the learning menu, these days, is full of exam tasks. To me, this period looks … Read more