Be an Ace in B1 Level Grammar

Getting ready to start your B2 English course? Fantastic! Before you take this exciting and challenging step, let’s go back and review the grammar basics you’ve learned at the B1 level (Cambridge Preliminary). These are like the building blocks for your English skills. Just like a skilled architect ensures a strong base for a magnificent building, revisiting the foundations to reinforce your B1-level grammar will provide you with the solid groundwork you need for B2.

You might remember our previous article, where we explored the essential basic grammar and structures needed to conquer the B1 level. Well, consider this a friendly reminder and another helpful, though easier bridge to the B2 level.

Check it out here: A2 Level Grammar.

In this blog post, we’ll make just as fun and engaging as in the above-mentioned one. We’re going to play a game inspired by Snakes and Ladders. It’s not just fun; and it’s not only going to refresh your memory. This activity will turn your learning into a playful adventure. The crafted and interactive Snakes and Ladders game that will test your grammar and will make sure you’re all set for your B2-level studies.

This grammar-based game of Snakes and Ladders is not just for learners. Teachers, you’re in for a treat too! It’s a fantastic resource to engage your students in a fun and interactive way while reinforcing their B1-level grammar skills.

Whether you’re a learner looking to self-assess or a teacher searching for an engaging classroom activity, I’ve got you covered. My hope is that this resource becomes a valuable asset in both your language-learning journey and your teaching toolbox.

Before we dive into the world of our Snakes and Ladders grammar game, take a moment to ensure you’re familiar with all the B1-level grammar structures. It’s like revisiting old friends before embarking on a new adventure.

Check out the following entry to make sure what the B1-level grammar syllabus consists of: B1 Preliminary Grammar Auction. Here you will find the list of B1-level grammar topics. Take your time to review and refresh your memory.

So, if you’re ready for a fun and productive grammar activity, let’s roll the dice and climb the ladder to success! Got your game face on?

B1 grammar game

There are two parts (1-2). Each square’s got a question to answer. When it is his/her turn, the player reads the prompts, and builds the question grammatically correct, and finally answers the question. Remember, the players ought to build the answer grammatically correct, as well as give an extended answer.

Procedures (for teachers)

  • Explain that students are going to play a game of snakes and ladders to practise most of the B1 grammar structures.
  • Put students into groups of three or more and give each group a copy of the worksheet, a die, and counters. Point out that on the board there are prompts, and snakes and ladders. Make one student the referee, and give them a copy of the answers. The referee does not let the other students see the answers.
  • When a student lands on a square, they should build a full question from the prompts provided. The referee uses the Answer sheet to decide if the question is correct. If the answer is correct, they answer the question and can throw the dice again. If the answer is not correct, the player’s turn ends. (The referee should not say the correct answer in case another player lands on the square.)
  • If a player lands on a square with a ladder, they move to the top of the ladder. If the player lands on a snake’s head, they move to the bottom of the snake and wait until their next turn before throwing again.

Access below the following PDFs:

  1. Snakes and ladders game (two parts)
  2. Answers to the game questions

B1 level grammar

Snakes and ladders, Part 1

B1 level grammar

Snakes and ladders, Part 2


Whether you’ve successfully completed your B1 Preliminary course, taken the official Cambridge exam now wanting to brush up on these B1-level essential building blocks of English, or you are a fellow teacher looking for a communicative get-to-know-my-students game, my hope is you both, learner and teacher, find this game useful.

If our English learners feel more confident and ready to tackle their B2-level studies that are about to commence, mission completed!

Stay tuned for more words of advice and handy material!

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