Tackling Adverb Shortage at B2 level


What a coincidental train of events!  A month or so ago, promising to investigate more on a linguistic matter, I was looking up an adverb and the various ways it is used in English. Rather than searching for it straight on Cambridge Dictionary, as I normally do, I simply typed, as key words, the word … Read more

Insights Into Past Tenses at B2 Level

Past tenses

B2 First GRAMMAR time The PAST is in the limelight! To be more exact, today’s activities will help you get way better at the following grammar tenses: Past perfect simple Past perfect continuous Past simple Past perfect continuous USED TO, WOULD The activities we have prepared for B2 First learners follow the TST structure: TEST … Read more

B1 Grammar Level Up!

B1 grammar

When it comes to Cambridge examinations or any other official English tests, a sound grammar literacy is pivotal. Grammar control is the basis for all candidates’ success. Even though learners are on cloud nine to find out that there are no grammar tasks in the English official examinations, they will soon realize that grammar is … Read more

A2 Level Grammar

A2 level grammar

Today we will look into all the A2 level grammar and structures that the young English high-flyers will learn along the way and will be familiar with before they go on and start the following level, B1.  Not only will you find out what the A2 level grammar topics are, you will also be invited … Read more

C1 Level Grammar Structures Part 3

c1 level grammar structures

This is the last of the three sets of C1 level grammar syllabus.  In the first part, C1 Level Grammar Structures, learners have brushed up on their paraphrasing skills; in the second one, C1 Level Grammar Structures Part 2, though, we have developed the grammar-related writing checklists for the six text types candidates must be … Read more

C1 Level Grammar Structures Part 2

c1 level grammar structures part 2

Our previous article, C1 Level Grammar Structures, has only wet our appetite for C1 level grammar structures. Why not dive further and explore some other advanced grammar components? It’s grammar time! The task below consists in identifying fourteen more C1 level grammar structures. Once familiarized yourself with them, get the hang of these as well as many … Read more

C1 Level Grammar Structures

C1 level grammar structures

Let’s talk grammar! This time, we will go a step further, far from the tediousness of the renowned (high-) intermediate grammar, with its tenses, modal verbs, and all that jazz. Are you willing to read up on B2 grammar components? Check this out: B2 First Grammar Checklist in Exam Context  We’ll spice it up today … Read more

C1 Grammar News Time with Emphasis

conditionals c1 advanced level grammar

Welcome to our third C1 grammar meeting point! Previously, we have covered the following Advanced grammar structures: Conditionals, and Future forms  If you still haven’t read up on these C1 structures, check them out. This time, we are going to deal with different ways to create emphasis, like cleft sentences, fronting and inversion. A few … Read more