Tackling Adverb Shortage at B2 level


What a coincidental train of events!  A month or so ago, promising to investigate more on a linguistic matter, I was looking up an adverb and the various ways it is used in English. Rather than searching for it straight on Cambridge Dictionary, as I normally do, I simply typed, as key words, the word … Read more

Common Mistakes in the Speaking paper

Speaking B2 First exam

For the Cambridge candidates, doing well in the B2 First Speaking paper is not rocket science. This means that you can easily get Grade C in the B2 First exam. On the Cambridge English scale, Grade C weighs between 160 and 170 marks.  Imagine getting Grade B or A! What a difference this would make … Read more

How To Build Questions

Build questions in English

To build questions in English, learners don’t need a supernatural power. There is a well-established structure, and this structure must almost always be followed. As easy as pie! Still, for our young learners, like Flyers, this turns to be one of the hardest things, even more challenging than learning the irregular verbs. Asking questions correctly … Read more

How To Prepare for C1 Advanced (CAE) Exam Successfully

How to prepare for c1 exam

Are you interested in knowing how to prepare for C1 Advanced Cambridge exam? In this article, we will provide you with all the necessary information about this qualification. Join us and make a go of your preparation, since C1 Advanced is going to open the door to a lifetime of opportunities for you. Which are … Read more

How To Answer Questions With Short Answers

A2 Flyers Speaking Part 2 Game Time: The Lord Of The Answers Giving full answers is polite. Giving full and grammatically well-built answers is a sign that our young learners of English are ready to embark on an exciting new English journey towards the B1 Preliminary island, is it? Our young high-flyers must show how … Read more

Discourse Markers

Levelling up in discourse management and other Cambridge assessment criteria by improving English proficiency There is one important feature that clearly differentiate the B2 First level from the ones above, which are C1 Advanced and C2 Proficiency. It refers to how coherence and cohesion are achieved by means of cohesive devices and especially discourse markers. … Read more