Say It Better! Series. B2 First Season. Episode 1

Here we are, about to start our Say It Better! Series. I feel so excited about it! Are you ready to roll?! 

Say It Better! Series
B2 First Season
Episode 1
Topic vocabulary

Translate and/or write the definition.


  • Trustworthy 
  • Upset
  • Thoughtful
  • Considerate
  • Easy-going 
  • Caring
  • Sporty
  • Delighted 


  • Misbehave 

Phrases, collocations & idioms:

  • Approve (of) 
  • Black sheep
  • Feel blue 
  • Make a difference 
  • Keep in touch 
  • Break the ice 
  • Make trouble for
  • Be as good as gold
  • Break a bad habit 
  • Keep a promise
  • Have sth in common 
  • Get on sb’s nerves 
  • Be into sth/sb
  • Be sb’s number one 
  • Be dying for/to 
  • Immediate family
  • Do sth for a living
  • Be a natural (at)
  • See red
  • Be green with envy
  • Tickled pink

Phrasal verbs:

  • Get along
  • Give in
  • Stand out 
  • Get on with
  • Rely on
Word formation

Download the PDF and complete the table with the missing words. Write the opposite any time possible, e.g. THOUGHTFUL – THOUGHTLESS 



e.g. RELY







Speaking paper

Step One: Read the questions. Make changes to the answers provided. Use the TOPIC language.

Step Two: Write your own answer. Use the TOPIC language.

Step Three (optional): Record yourself while answering the questions. Send your answers to your English teacher for assessment and feedback.

Part 1

Question: “What are you like?”

Answer: “Well, I like to help people. In my free time I work as a volunteer in an old people’s home. For this reason, I would like to work as a nurse. Next, I like being active and healthy. I love playing tennis, and I play tennis very well. Besides, I am pretty shy, and it’s difficult to talk to people I don’t know.”

Part 4

Question: “How important is for teenagers to spend time with their friends?”

Answer: “It is very important to spend time with our friends. Since friends normally have similar interests and always understand you, they will make you feel better when you are sad. Every time we meet up, I’m really happy. Well, I have a very good relationship with my friends, and we frequently spend time together.”

Reading and Use of English quiz

Part 1

Decide which answer best fits the gap.

We should all … a difference by being helpful to and considerate of others.

a. do

b. make 

c. have

d. take

Part 2

Think of the word which fits the gap.

My mother is old-fashioned. She doesn’t approve … my torn denim, which cost me an arm and a leg.

Part 3

Use the word given in CAPITALS to form a word that fits the gap.

Don’t tell him any secrets since he is so … . TRUST

Part 4

Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence, using the word given. Do not change the word. You must use between two and five words.

My friend was delighted when I visited her the other day.


My friend __________________________  called in on her the other day.

Part 1: make

Part 2: OF



Topic word cloud

A much richer vocabulary palette is a sure thing provided you, our English learners, learn words classified by topics, and use them as much as possible in both speaking and written contexts. The word clouds are a priceless learning tool. Make sure they are there for you, within easy eye-reach, in your cosy study corner.

From now on, comments like “Most of the vocabulary used includes every day words”, “A wider vocabulary range is expected”, or “Try to use more sophisticated language” will be a thing of the past! It’s going to be another thing, you’ve got my word! The feedback will be this one: “Congratulations! You’ve shown good control of topic vocabulary!”

Stay tuned for more words of advice and handy material!

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