A2 Flyers Reading Part 6 Adventures

Hello, my awesome young learners!

Get ready for an amazing lesson into the world of video games with Mario, Sonic, Minecraft, and Fortnite! You will have much fun reading! You are also going to practice for the Cambridge exam, A2 Flyers. 

In this exciting class, we’ll explore their cool adventures and special powers. But that’s not all! There will be a super fun reading activity where you become super word detectives! You’ll have to find five missing words in each text, and the more you find, the stronger you become!

So, put on your “grammar”gaming gear and get ready to start your journey with your favourite characters!

Do you want to get five shields in the A2 Flyers Reading and Writing exam parts? I am sure you cannot wait!  

Let’s have a super fun lesson together! Are you all excited? Let’s go!

Flyers Adventure ONE

A2 Reading Part 6 with Mario

Hi there!

I have (1) _____ fun story to tell you from the Mushroom Kingdom!

A brave plumber named Super Mario lives there. One day, he got a message that Princess Peach, his friend, was taken by Bowser, the bad guy. Mario knew he had to save (2) _____ !

Mario jumped, collected coins, and defeated enemies to help Princess Peach. He (3) _____ friends like Luigi and Toad to help him too.

Finally, Mario arrived at Bowser’s castle. He fought bravely (4) _____ saved Princess Peach! They were (5) _____ happy to be together again. They went back to the castle and celebrated with their friends.

Everyone loves Mario in the Mushroom Kingdom. He likes exploring and making players like you happy.

Be brave and have fun, just like Super Mario!


Your friend!

Flyers Adventure TWO

A2 Reading Part 6 with Minecraft

Dear Diary,

We had (1) ____ much fun in Minecraft today! My friend Steve and I explored and built together. We discovered an old temple (2) _____ the forest, and we decided to go inside. It was amazing!

Inside the temple, we solved a lot of puzzles. We found a special crystal, but there was a big dragon (3) _____ was protecting it. But we fought bravely and beat the dragon. We collected all the treasures from the temple.

(4) _____ the treasures, we built a big castle! It’s so cool! Now we are famous! Do you want to have fun, too!

Steve and I are very happy.  We want to explore and build in Minecraft. We (5) _____ having the best time together.

We want to have more adventures tomorrow!

Flyers Adventure THREE

A2 Flyers Reading Part 6

Dear Diary,

Today we went (1) _____ Mobius and met Sonic, the fast blue hedgehog! We played with his animal friends and had a (2) _____ of fun!.

Oh no! Dr. Robotnik captured Sonic’s friends and turned (3) _____ into robots. But don’t worry, Sonic knew (4) _____ to do!

We ran (5) _____ green fields, jumped and collected shiny rings. Sonic is really fast!

Sonic is very brave! He rescued his friends!

I love Sonic! His adventures make me happy!

Can’t wait for more fun with Sonic!

Flyers Adventure FOUR

A2 Flyers Reading Part 6

Dear Diary,

Today in Fortnite, my friends Sparkle Specialist and Rex went on (1) _____ exciting mission. We had (2) _____ find a magical object called the Golden Crystal.

We explored colourful places and met friendly players (3) _____ helped us.

Sparkle Specialist is powerful, and Rex is smart. Together, (4) _____ defeated enemies and solved puzzles.

(5) _____, we found the Golden Crystal and became heroes.

We love adventures in the game!

What an incredible lesson exploring the amazing worlds of video games with our favourite characters like Mario, Sonic, and the colourful worlds of Minecraft and Fortnite! I hope you had as much fun as I did!

Now, it’s time to see how well you did in our super word detective activities! Did you find all the missing words in the texts? Give yourselves a big round of applause if you did! You all are real superstars!

Flyers Adventures ONE

  1. A
  2. HER
  3. HAD
  4. TO
  5. VERY / SO

Flyers Adventures TWO

  1. SO /VERY
  2. IN
  4. WITH
  5. ARE

Flyers Adventures THREE

  1. TO
  2. LOT
  3. THEM
  4. WHAT

Flyers Adventures FOUR

  1. AN
  2. TO
  3. WHO
  4. WE

Remember, the more words you found, the stronger you became in English. It’s like having your own special superpower!

I’m so proud of all your hard work and bravery during this lesson. You’ve shown that you can read, understand, and even fill in missing words, just like our fantastic characters in the games!

Keep practising your English and exploring new adventures, just like Mario, Sonic, and the heroes from Minecraft and Fortnite. Your English superpowers will continue to grow, and you’ll be able to do anything you want!

Well done, young learners! Keep shining bright and happy learning!

If you want to practise more with A2 Flyers Reading Part 6, check this out, What About Function Words?

Stay tuned for more words of advice and handy material!

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