Insights Into Reading Part 6

B1 Reading Part 6

Cambridge B1 Preliminary Level When it comes to reading comprehension skills, most English learners, when reaching the B1 level, find it pretty challenging. Alongside an increase in length of the reading texts, a change which requires a longer attention span, the difficulty to get a good score is largely due to not fully understanding what … Read more

B1 Preliminary Reading Tip

B1 Reading Practice

Today’s activity will help you successfully do Part 2 of the B1 Preliminary exam reading paper. 5 X 8? Does this ring a bell to you?  This refers to the structure and format of the reading task Part 2: 5 descriptions of people, and 8 short texts. Candidates must find the perfect match by taking … Read more

How To Prepare for C1 Advanced (CAE) Exam Successfully

How to prepare for c1 exam

Are you interested in knowing how to prepare for C1 Advanced Cambridge exam? In this article, we will provide you with all the necessary information about this qualification. Join us and make a go of your preparation, since C1 Advanced is going to open the door to a lifetime of opportunities for you. Which are … Read more

What About Function Words?

We have heard of the multiple-choice cloze task and its multiple-choice questions where the options given are tricky synonyms, the open cloze task with its missing, simple though challenging, words, the word formation task and its “prompt” words, which must come in the shape required by the context, and the key word transformation one, the … Read more