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B1 Preliminary phrasal verbsA B1 Preliminary

Around the Town with B1 Phrasal Verbs

Knowing how much English learners struggle with B1 phrasal verbs, when they reach the Cambridge B1 (PET) Preliminary level, made me think of what else …

A2 level grammar A2B1 Preliminary

A2 Level Grammar

Today we will look into all the A2 level grammar and structures that the young English high-flyers will learn along the way and will be …

c1 level grammar structures C1 Advanced

C1 Level Grammar Structures Part 3

This is the last of the three sets of C1 level grammar syllabus.  In the first part, C1 Level Grammar Structures, learners have brushed up …

c1 level grammar structures part 2 C1 Advanced

C1 Level Grammar Structures Part 2

Our previous article, C1 Level Grammar Structures, has only wet our appetite for C1 level grammar structures. Why not dive further and explore some other advanced grammar …

C1 level grammar structures C1 Advanced

C1 Level Grammar Structures

Let’s talk grammar! This time, we will go a step further, far from the tediousness of the renowned (high-) intermediate grammar, with its tenses, modal …

B2 key word transformations B2 First

B2 Use of English Booster with Key word Transformations

Let’s take the Cambridge B2 First exam key word transformation task further.  This is what the exam task says in the Reading and Use of …

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