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Use of English

Use of English Quick Quiz

Nota bene!

Go an extra mile and find out more about certain words and expressions.

Tupperware is a brand name for a type of plastic containers;
similarly, Nike is a brand name for a type of trainers.

A lunch box is a container for a packed lunch. Box lunch, or packed lunch, is the lunch itself put in the lunch box ;)
Other words that can be built from EXPERT, which is both a noun and an adjective: EXPERTLY adv., INEXPERT adj.

refers to a high level of knowledge or skill.

Useful phrases:
have no expertise in something, have considerable expertise in something
Various meanings:
I am going to go in for the triathlon. (to take part in)
My son is going in for sports science. (to do as a career)
I don't really go in for individual sports.(to be interested in)

By and by means after a short time, e.g. By and by, everyone forgot about this incident.
If we scratch beneath the surface, we look beyond the obvious.
We can find an idea appealing, or someone's character, appearance or sense of humour appealing.

Do You Remember?

Revise the previous quizzes from our Advanced Use of English column. Good luck!

We hope our fortnight quizzes will do the trick. Just try all out and you will get there!

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