Be an Ace in B1 Level Grammar

B1 grammar

Getting ready to start your B2 English course? Fantastic! Before you take this exciting and challenging step, let’s go back and review the grammar basics you’ve learned at the B1 level (Cambridge Preliminary). These are like the building blocks for your English skills. Just like a skilled architect ensures a strong base for a magnificent … Read more

B1 Preliminary Grammar Auction

B1 Preliminary Grammar

To start your B2 First learning journey and to take to it like a duck to water, what learners need is a strong language control of the B1 Preliminary grammar syllabus. This is something I am totally convinced of given my teaching experience and all the lessons I’ve learnt while preparing learners for high Cambridge … Read more

Who? Where? What? How? Why? When?

B1 Speaking

We’ve recently had our monthly B1 Preliminary (PET) assessment. My English learners have shown good control of the language structures, great listening and reading comprehension skills. Bravo! There’s been something not fully up to scratch, though. This made me wonder whether there is something I can do to help B1 (PET) candidates avoid the well-known … Read more

Insights Into Reading Part 6

B1 Reading Part 6

Cambridge B1 Preliminary Level When it comes to reading comprehension skills, most English learners, when reaching the B1 level, find it pretty challenging. Alongside an increase in length of the reading texts, a change which requires a longer attention span, the difficulty to get a good score is largely due to not fully understanding what … Read more

B1 Grammar Level Up!

B1 grammar

When it comes to Cambridge examinations or any other official English tests, a sound grammar literacy is pivotal. Grammar control is the basis for all candidates’ success. Even though learners are on cloud nine to find out that there are no grammar tasks in the English official examinations, they will soon realize that grammar is … Read more

Around the Town with B1 Phrasal Verbs

B1 Preliminary phrasal verbsA

Knowing how much English learners struggle with B1 phrasal verbs, when they reach the Cambridge B1 (PET) Preliminary level, made me think of what else can be done to help them get the hang of these verbs. Eureka! I’ve got it! Some time ago, during the summer school, I organized a scavenger hunt. The goal … Read more

A2 Level Grammar

A2 level grammar

Today we will look into all the A2 level grammar and structures that the young English high-flyers will learn along the way and will be familiar with before they go on and start the following level, B1.  Not only will you find out what the A2 level grammar topics are, you will also be invited … Read more

B1 Preliminary Reading Tip

B1 Reading Practice

Today’s activity will help you successfully do Part 2 of the B1 Preliminary exam reading paper. 5 X 8? Does this ring a bell to you?  This refers to the structure and format of the reading task Part 2: 5 descriptions of people, and 8 short texts. Candidates must find the perfect match by taking … Read more

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