A2 Flyers Reading Part 6 Adventures

A2 Flyers Reading

Hello, my awesome young learners! Get ready for an amazing lesson into the world of video games with Mario, Sonic, Minecraft, and Fortnite! You will have much fun reading! You are also going to practice for the Cambridge exam, A2 Flyers.  In this exciting class, we’ll explore their cool adventures and special powers. But that’s … Read more

Newbie with Phrasal Verbs?

Phrasal verbs

A2 level phrasal verbs Good day everybody!  I’m writing this article hoping to help Cambridge English A2 learners become familiar with what phrasal verbs are, what their structure is and the way these verbs are used in English. If your level is higher than the A2, I’m sure you will find out new things about … Read more

A2 Level Grammar

A2 level grammar

Today we will look into all the A2 level grammar and structures that the young English high-flyers will learn along the way and will be familiar with before they go on and start the following level, B1.  Not only will you find out what the A2 level grammar topics are, you will also be invited … Read more

Step-by-step Story Writing

write a story A2

For you, my young English learner, writing a story in 20 or more words must be as easy as ABC. This is what you are expected to do in the Reading and Writing paper Part 7 of the Cambridge A2 Flyers exam. If you are preparing for the A2 Key or A2 Key for Schools … Read more

How To Build Questions

Build questions in English

To build questions in English, learners don’t need a supernatural power. There is a well-established structure, and this structure must almost always be followed. As easy as pie! Still, for our young learners, like Flyers, this turns to be one of the hardest things, even more challenging than learning the irregular verbs. Asking questions correctly … Read more

How To Answer Questions With Short Answers

How To Answer Questions With Short Answers 2

A2 Flyers Speaking Part 2 Game Time: The Lord Of The Answers Giving full answers is polite. Giving full and grammatically well-built answers is a sign that our young learners of English are ready to embark on an exciting new English journey towards the B1 Preliminary island, is it? Our young high-flyers must show how … Read more

Building Time! Building What? Let’s Build Questions!

Building Time! Building What? Let's Build Questions! 3

Our dearest young English-language learners, today I would like to reach out to you, our smart young question-masters. Your questions brighten up our life and help us reflect on matters we somehow and somewhere started to take for granted. What if I helped you become the English Question Master? Would you like to take the … Read more

Can Learning English Be Fun? One App not to be missed!

Can Learning English Be Fun? One App not to be missed! 8

Associations, phrasal verbs, speed reading, spelling, topic match. These are just a few of the keywords a Cambridge Exam  candidate is familiar with when one has almost reached the preparation level for a specific exam. For instance, in the Speaking paper, one must talk on a specific theme using a rich and varied vocabulary. Practising brainstorming … Read more

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