Say It Better! Series. B2 First Season. Episode 2

Holidays and fiestas All my best season wishes for you and your dearest family! I hope you have got a wonderful time surrounded by your beloved ones. How are you doing? How are you celebrating the winter holidays?  Here are some keywords to use while answering the above question: Be tickled pink, delighted, (not) misbehave … Read more

Say It Better! Series. B2 First Season. Episode 1

Here we are, about to start our Say It Better! Series. I feel so excited about it! Are you ready to roll?!  Say It Better! Series B2 First Season Episode 1 PERSONALITY Matters Topic vocabulary Translate and/or write the definition. Adjectives: Trustworthy  Upset Thoughtful Considerate Easy-going  Caring Sporty Delighted  Verbs: Misbehave  Phrases, collocations & idioms: … Read more

Say It Better! Series. Introduction

The term TOPIC vocabulary is familiar to you, isn’t it? It is used when writing about and discussing specific topics or subjects. Today we will start working on widening your English language range in both written and speaking expression.  Besides, not only will enriching your topic lexical range help you get the highest score, up … Read more

Bridging The Gap Between Cambridge English Levels

Prepare for B1 Preliminary

How to align B1 Preliminary with B2 First? A load of grammar and a steady flow of vocabulary! As part of an English learner’s journey throughout a Cambridge exam preparation course, a lot has been learnt. The level of fluency, though, is still delicate. So much study material that at a certain point you feel … Read more

Phrasal Verbs By Topics

Phrasal verbs are not easy to learn, and they deserve to be once again highlighted. For this very reason, I’ve decided to bring out this article, which is a follow-up to the one earlier published, Phrasal Verbs. Categorization is one infallible way to make such verbs learner-friendly. They can be classified into various ways, be … Read more