Find Someone Who with C1 Phrasal Verbs

c1 phrasal verbs

Teacher’s corner! If you are teaching levels like B2 High and C1, merely following the study book syllabus is definitely not enough. With any level, to be exact. Dry and dull are such lessons. Instead, what we must do is grabbing students’ attention, giving them food for thought and catching their interest in a topic … Read more

Around the Town with B1 Phrasal Verbs

B1 Preliminary phrasal verbsA

Knowing how much English learners struggle with B1 phrasal verbs, when they reach the Cambridge B1 (PET) Preliminary level, made me think of what else can be done to help them get the hang of these verbs. Eureka! I’ve got it! Some time ago, during the summer school, I organized a scavenger hunt. The goal … Read more

Level up to C1 with Paraphrasing

C1 level paraphrasing

Paraphrasing could undoubtedly be ranking the list of the language skills assessed in the Cambridge C1 Advanced exam, as there is a lot of focus on candidates’ ability to express the same meaning in different ways. How come? Let’s take for instance the Speaking paper. When asked a question, candidates must try to rephrase the … Read more