Cambridge B2 First Grammar Practice – Part 2

Grammar practice

In my earlier written article, B2 First Grammar Checklist, you can find all the grammar contents our learners must be familiar with. In the last week entry, Cambridge B2 First Grammar Practice, I have highlighted the importance of identifying grammar mistakes and correcting them in the context of the Cambridge B2 First examination. Let’s point … Read more

Cambridge B2 First Grammar Practice

Grammar practice

The countdown to the summer official Cambridge examinations has already begun. B2 First exam candidates must have covered by now all the grammar structures necessary to know at this level. Now, these structures are put into practice, and most of the learning menu, these days, is full of exam tasks. To me, this period looks … Read more

Discourse Markers

Discourse Markers 6

Levelling up in discourse management and other Cambridge assessment criteria by improving English proficiency There is one important feature that clearly differentiate the B2 First level from the ones above, which are C1 Advanced and C2 Proficiency. It refers to how coherence and cohesion are achieved by means of cohesive devices and especially discourse markers. … Read more

Say It Better! Series. B2 First Season. Episode 2

Say It Better! Series. B2 First Season. Episode 2 9

Holidays and fiestas All my best season wishes for you and your dearest family! I hope you have got a wonderful time surrounded by your beloved ones. How are you doing? How are you celebrating the winter holidays?  Here are some keywords to use while answering the above question: Be tickled pink, delighted, (not) misbehave … Read more

Say It Better! Series. B2 First Season. Episode 1

Say It Better! Series. B2 First Season. Episode 1 10

Here we are, about to start our Say It Better! Series. I feel so excited about it! Are you ready to roll?!  Say It Better! Series B2 First Season Episode 1 PERSONALITY Matters Topic vocabulary Translate and/or write the definition. Adjectives: Trustworthy  Upset Thoughtful Considerate Easy-going  Caring Sporty Delighted  Verbs: Misbehave  Phrases, collocations & idioms: … Read more

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