Get Free Early Access to the First Unit of our new B2 First Course! – Click here to join!

Get Free Early Access to the First Unit of our new B2 First Course! – Click here to join! 1

Hello, Ready4Cambridge community! We are excited to share some special news with all of you. Over the past year, our team has been working tirelessly on creating a comprehensive course for the Cambridge B2 First exam, designed to help you achieve your English language learning goals. Now, we are about to cross the finish line! … Read more

Feelings and Photographs in Cambridge Exams

Strong adjectives in Cambridge speaking exams

Are you preparing for the B2 First, or C1 Advanced Cambridge exams? One crucial aspect of the speaking paper that you can’t afford to overlook is your long turn in the Speaking Part 2 of each of the above-mentioned Cambridge exams. In the B1 Preliminary, we start simple, describing one photograph. In the B2 First, … Read more

Be an Ace in B1 Level Grammar

B1 grammar

Getting ready to start your B2 English course? Fantastic! Before you take this exciting and challenging step, let’s go back and review the grammar basics you’ve learned at the B1 level (Cambridge Preliminary). These are like the building blocks for your English skills. Just like a skilled architect ensures a strong base for a magnificent … Read more

Adjectives in Cambridge Speaking Exams

Adjectives in Cambridge Speaking exams

Useful, comfortable, difficult, important, memorable, sad, interesting, different, effective, sad, stressful, easy, careful, nervous, healthy, popular, worried! Do these adjectives ring a bell?  In Cambridge exams like B2 First and C1 Advanced, talking about feelings, attitudes and opinions is part of the territory, namely in Part 2 of the Speaking paper.  Here are some exam … Read more

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