Be an Ace in B1 Level Grammar

B1 grammar

Getting ready to start your B2 English course? Fantastic! Before you take this exciting and challenging step, let’s go back and review the grammar basics you’ve learned at the B1 level (Cambridge Preliminary). These are like the building blocks for your English skills. Just like a skilled architect ensures a strong base for a magnificent … Read more

A2 Flyers Reading Part 6 Adventures

A2 Flyers Reading

Hello, my awesome young learners! Get ready for an amazing lesson into the world of video games with Mario, Sonic, Minecraft, and Fortnite! You will have much fun reading! You are also going to practice for the Cambridge exam, A2 Flyers.  In this exciting class, we’ll explore their cool adventures and special powers. But that’s … Read more

B1 Preliminary Grammar Auction

B1 Preliminary Grammar

To start your B2 First learning journey and to take to it like a duck to water, what learners need is a strong language control of the B1 Preliminary grammar syllabus. This is something I am totally convinced of given my teaching experience and all the lessons I’ve learnt while preparing learners for high Cambridge … Read more

Adjectives in Cambridge Speaking Exams

Adjectives in Cambridge Speaking exams

Useful, comfortable, difficult, important, memorable, sad, interesting, different, effective, sad, stressful, easy, careful, nervous, healthy, popular, worried! Do these adjectives ring a bell?  In Cambridge exams like B2 First and C1 Advanced, talking about feelings, attitudes and opinions is part of the territory, namely in Part 2 of the Speaking paper.  Here are some exam … Read more