The Big HOW in C1 Formal Writings

C1 Advanced formal writings

Five writing strategies to achieve the right level of formality   How to succeed in your C1 Advanced formal writings? What do you need to do so that your two written texts are marked with a 5 in two of the four assessment criteria in the writing paper of the Cambridge C1 Advanced? Content Communicative … Read more

Insights Into Future Time at B2 Level

Future tenses at B2

B2 First GRAMMAR time The FUTURE is in the limelight! To be more exact, today’s activities will help you get way better at ALL the grammar future tenses and future forms. See below which these tenses and future forms are: Table of Contents The activities we have prepared for B2 First learners follow the TST … Read more

Your Own Idea In Essays

B2 First Essay

B2 First Writing paper Today we are going to practise a valuable writing skill: generating ideas and essay planning in Part 1 of the B2 First Writing exam.  Let’s first look at two examples of essay exam tasks. The task below is taken from B2 First for Schools Handbook for teachers: In your English class … Read more