Commonly Confused Words in English

confused words

English is immense. It is the language with the vastest vocabulary in the world. On top of that, there are new words emerging every single day. Through wide usage, these words become so trendy that they are eventually officially recognized. No wonder we, English learners, have words we often confuse. The reason could arise from … Read more

Preparation for Cambridge C2 Proficiency exam

preparation for cambridge c2 proficiency

Sharing my experience as a learner of English with our community of fellow teachers and students has been going over and over in my mind. In one of my very first entries, Cambridge English Qualifications, I promised to tell you. I don’t mean the very start from the very first English lesson of mine, which … Read more

Tricky Language Structures? FUN is the key!

Tricky Language Structures? FUN is the key! 19

The Battle Of Wits! As a teacher, I often wonder how I can help English learners become more confident when using certain language forms. There are plenty of ways, to name but a few, making a classroom wall poster, pointing out the correct forms, organizing a mistakes’ detector activity, etc. Still, some language forms are … Read more

Can Learning English Be Fun? One App not to be missed!

Can Learning English Be Fun? One App not to be missed! 33

Associations, phrasal verbs, speed reading, spelling, topic match. These are just a few of the keywords a Cambridge Exam  candidate is familiar with when one has almost reached the preparation level for a specific exam. For instance, in the Speaking paper, one must talk on a specific theme using a rich and varied vocabulary. Practising brainstorming … Read more

What About Function Words?

What About Function Words? 34

We have heard of the multiple-choice cloze task and its multiple-choice questions where the options given are tricky synonyms, the open cloze task with its missing, simple though challenging, words, the word formation task and its “prompt” words, which must come in the shape required by the context, and the key word transformation one, the … Read more

Going Beyond The Obvious!

Going Beyond The Obvious! 37

How to express possibility, probability and certainty during your long turn in the Speaking Paper of the Cambridge Exams? Join me and you will find out! A2 FLYERS Speaking Paper, Part 3 SubjectIt look(s) look(s) likemust bemay/might be an adjective (feeling word)a nouna verb”ING” a placea clause Write down your examples below: Listen attentively to … Read more

Phrasal Verbs

Phrasal Verbs 39

How to master phrasal verbs for Cambridge exams and life alike? This time we are going to look into different ways to learn phrasal verbs. To start with, let’s see in which parts of the Cambridge exams, B1 Preliminary, B2 First, C1 Advanced and C2 Proficiency, we must show good control and command of such … Read more

The Importance Of Mastering English

The Importance Of Mastering English 40

Tests And Exams To Assess Your English Competence There should be no dilemma that knowing more than two languages is vital in today’s world. This is essential when we are looking for career opportunties and livelihood security no matter where we are. Business and technological enterprises go global. Consequently, there is a high demand for … Read more