About Me 1

Aurelia Colta

English Teacher

My name is Aurelia and I am a teacher of English as well as a Cambridge exams team coordinator at a language school based in Catalunya, Spain.

The beautiful world of the English language has always fascinated me. Its amazingly never-ending rich vocabulary takes us on an unforgettable learning journey. Every single English word has a story to tell. 

For this reason, I have become a teacher and have consequently acquired a wide experience along my teaching career. My main focus is preparing candidates for the Cambridge certification exams, such as A2, B1, B2 and C1. To have first-hand experience with the Cambridge examinations, I have successfully taken the C2 Proficiency exam. It has indeed been an enriching experience worth living through.

I have decided to create this blog for everyone interested in learning English. I have so much to share and help you with. If your target is a Cambridge Certification Exam, I am here for you. 

Subjects Taught

General English and Business English


Young Learners

A2 Key

B1 Preliminary

B2 First

C1 Advanced

Work Experience and Qualifications

1996 - 2001
Master Degree in Teaching English
1996 - 2001
2001 - 2004
Studium Plus School of Languages
2001 - 2004
2004 - 2009
Linguata School of Languages
2004 - 2009
2009 - 2012
Acord Plus English Centre
2009 - 2012
TELF Certificate. Oxbridge
2013 - Present
Piramide Idiomas Language School
2013 - Present

Students' Levels

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced

Preferred Student Age

From Primary School children to High School and over.

  • Children (6 – 12)
  • Teenagers (12 – 18)
  • Adults (18 – higher)

Do you need any help?

About Me 2

If you are looking for a qualified and experienced teacher online, need to know any exam-related information or find out what level you have in English so that you start your exam preparation, feel free to contact me.

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